Rent a cabin on Savary Island - see why it is the jewel of the Sunshine Coast.

Savary Island has been a holiday destination for generations because of it's warm water and sandy beaches, lush rain forests and unique natural setting.

Savary Island lies just west of the village of Lund on the B.C. mainland, north of Powell River and south of the entrance to world renowned Desolation Sound.

Because of its unique location it gets more sun
 (and less rain) than just about anywhere on the BC coast.  Situated as it is between Vancouver Island and the Coast Range mountains it possesses a uniquely mild sunny climate and is almost completely surrounded by white sand beaches and some of the warmest waters north of Mexico, making it a very desirable summer vacation retreat. 
This hidden gem's sandy beaches and warm waters have drawn pleasure seekers for a hundred years.

Union steamships first brought visitors to, what one hotel owner in the 1920s termed, the "Hawaii of the North" and since then the island has become a favourite summer destination for scores of B.C. families. With a permanent population of about one hundred, that number grows to over two thousand in mid-summer. Served by a water taxi service from Lund, having only solar or generator power and sandy roadways help Savary Island maintain its distinct character as one of the most beautiful destinations on BC’s Sunshine Coast.

Because the tides in the Georgia Strait meet at Savary Island the water tends not to move very much keeping the sea water warm year round. As this already warm water flows over Savary's sunbaked sandy beaches it produces some of the warmest water in British Columbia.

Deer are the only common large mammal on the Island while mink and otters come ashore occasionally. No bears or cougars to worry about!  Bald eagles, ravens and hummingbirds fill the sky while owls, woodpeckers and many migratory species frequent the island. Savary possesses one of the most prolific clam beaches in B.C. and oysters, mussels, crab, and geoducks abound. 

While cars and pick-up trucks are permitted on Savary, the dirt covered roads also allow for safe recreational bicycling, hiking and running. A jaunt from one end of the island to the other covers about six kilometres and a walk round the island's beaches covers about ten kilometres making for a thorough work-out. 

With much to explore, sandy beaches to walk and lie on and with beautiful warm water to swim in, Savary Island is the perfect place to kick back and totally relax.


BY CAR FROM VANCOUVER:  From Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal, take the Horseshoe Bay/Langdale ferry. Check the BC Ferries website for fares and schedules.  Once in Langdale, drive north on highway 101 to Earl’s Cove (approximately 84 km or 52 miles).  From The Earl’s Cover ferry terminal, take the Earl’s Cove/Saltery Bay ferry.  Check the BC Ferries website for fares and schedules.  Once in Saltery Bay, continue driving north through Powell River on highway 101 until you reach Lund….your gateway to Savary Island.

BY CAR FROM VANCOUVER ISLAND:  From Comox, take the Powell River (Westview)/Comox (Little River) ferry.  Check the BC Ferries website for fares and schedules.  Drive along highway 101 until you reach your destination of Lund.

***Reservations on BC Ferries are recommended if you are traveling during a long weekend.  Be sure to reserve arrival and departure sailings.

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